Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are?

Kay Fashion House is a concept clothing brand established in Canada in 2019 by founder Karim Aglan with partner, Salma Assem. The brand was established with a vision to change casual apparel. KAY was founded to provide the market with high-end, trendy clothing using the best quality fabrics.

Originality, limitless creativity and imagination are the foundation on which KAY was established.

All our designs created at KAY have illustrations expressing a story. every piece has been meticulously crafted with the highest standards and a touch of glamour making every piece unique.

Each design starts by artists creatively drawing illustrations making original pieces of art that represent you. Then passionately these designs are then manufactured with highest quality fabrics, then ready for you to enjoy your KAY piece.


Opulence is a line all about extreme luxury including apparel with ‘18 Carat Swiss Gold’.

The first ever apparel line with real gold pieces embedded within, Simply all about LUXURY & QUALITY; the essence of our brand. KAY’s Opulence will give your wardrobe a real touch of glamour.

KAY Fabrics

At KAY we take pride in using 100% Cotton in all our creations.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Egypt.

Cotton has been a popular choice of clothing material for centuries due to its lightweight, durability and breathability and it being a natural product. We make sure to use the best quality cotton material for our creations. To ensure we provide our customer with the best cotton, We make all our fabrics from scratch and we carefully monitor the fabric production process from farms to mill, to dye house then finally cut and sewing the final piece.